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開課單位 University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology
課程名稱 Master of Arts in Gerontology


The USC online Master of Arts in Gerontology (MAG) provides working professionals from various disciplines who work directly or indirectly with the aging, or those who would like to work with aging populations, the opportunity to acquire practical skills and formal training in gerontology.
The course work includes instruction on the processes of aging and professional courses designed to develop the skills needed for practice.

Link:http://gerontology.usc.edu/ 必修課程

A Focused Curriculum The online MA in Gerontology provides an opportunity for professionals who are currently working in an organization serving older adults to acquire skills and formal training in gerontology.
The Master of Arts in Gerontology consists of five core courses and two chosen electives:

Required Core Courses (20 Units)
Perspectives on Aging: Introduction(4)
Mind and Body Connection through the Lifespan(4)
Life Span Developmental Psychology(4)
Life Span Developmental Sociology(4)
Social Policy and Aging(4)

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