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開課單位 California State University, Sacramento
課程名稱 Gerontology Program


The Gerontology Program at Sacramento State provides students with a unique interdisciplinary perspective of the process of aging. Courses focus on both "ill" and "well" aspects encountered ALONG THE LIFE SPAN, emphasizing intergenerational active aging for all populations. Bachelor and Minor students enroll in interdisciplinary core courses spanning many different disciplines and have the opportunity to enroll in a broad variety of elective courses designed to meet individual career aspirations. Graduate Certificate students complete 18 units of core gerontology classes which may also be used when constructing a Special Master's degree in gerontology and another discipline.

Link:http://www.csus.edu/gero/index.html 必修課程

Social Policy for an Aging Society
˙Models for Successful Aging
˙Gerontology Practicum
˙Gerontology Capstone Practicum
˙Concepts and Practices of Gerontological Nursing
˙Living With Grief, Dying and Death

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