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開課單位 University of Georgia
課程名稱 Institute of Gerontology


Since its founding in 1965, the Institute of Gerontology has focused on the changing needs of older adults in Georgia. The Institute promotes innovation in education, research, and outreach programs by
˙Supporting education leading to formal degrees.
˙Identifying high impact research questions in public health and public policy.
˙Sharing the results of research with local, state, national, and international audiences.
The Institute of Gerontology has three major focus:
˙Research in public health, social gerontology, and public policy.
˙Training through our Graduate Certificate Program, the Master of Public Health degree, and other student programs.
˙Professional and Community outreach.
https://www.publichealth.uga.edu/geron/ 必修課程

˙Perspectives on Aging
˙Biology / Physiology 

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