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開課單位 University of North Carolina at Greensboro
課程名稱 UNCG Gerontology Program


The mission of the UNCG Gerontology Program is to teach, research, and apply gerontological knowledge through collaborative relationships with academic disciplines, community organizations, and businesses to enrich the lives of older adults and their families.
http://gerontology.wp.uncg.edu/ 必修課程

˙Critical Issues of Aging
˙Proseminar in Gerontology
˙Life Planning for the Third Age
˙Issues in Aging and Business
˙Issues in Aging and Business: Silver Industries
˙Issues in Aging and Business: Boomer Demographic Phenomena
˙Issues in Aging and Business: Workforce and Human Resources Policies for an Aging Society
˙Research Methods in Gerontology
˙Health & Aging
˙Financing Longevity: Topics in Insurance
˙Planning and Evaluation for Professionals in Aging

About Courses:http://gerontology.wp.uncg.edu/coursesdescriptions/

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