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Roles of Emotion and Memory for the Elderly in Reading News Stories
Yean Tsai & Kuo-Jen Tsang
A proposed communication theory on the interaction between news stories and elderly people in Taiwan urban areas is examined. Twenty subjects aged from 65 to 85 are interviewed and tested on their reactions toward different local news.
It is observed that social interaction theory which supports mutual growth and change among participants does not necessarily reflect general communication acts among the studied. Neither the media reflects a reliable image on the aged nor do the elderly people take messages from newspaper seriously. It is reported by the subjects that more stories on families and health are needed by the population.
The current study also surveys roles of emotion and memory when news stories are read by the subjects. It is found that emotion plays an important part in helping subjects decide which stories to read. Caring for other old people and amusement are reported as main reasons to choose reading materials.
Finally, emotion reaction towards a news story is related to the amount of information which a subject can remember after reading the news.
Key words:gerontology, news, emotion, memory
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