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The Role of Emotion and Memory for the Elderly in Reading News Stories
Yean Tsai & Kuo-jen Tsang
 A theory on the interaction between news stories and elderly people in
Taiwan urban areas is proposed and examined. Twenty subjects aged from 65 to
85 are interviewed and tested on their reactions toward various types of local
 The present study also surveys the role of emotion and memory during the
reception process. It is found that emotion plays an important part in helping
the informants decide on which stories to read. Whether the media care for the
elderly and are able to entertain them are reported as the main reasons for
choosing reading materials.
 Finally, emotional reaction towards a news story is related to the amount
of information which a subject can remember after reading the news.
Keywords: gerontology, news, emotion, memory
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Self images and social roles: A study based on the aging people and their contacts with the Internet
Yean Tsai & Kuo-Jen Tsang
 The purpose of this study is to survey interaction and enactment between
news narrative and gerontology under the theoretical frameworks of socialcybernetics.
Organizing behaviors of subunits, such as elder adults and the new media within social structure, are constantly reconstructing each other through communication. This study primarily focuses on what some of the phases and characteristics of such interaction are.
Data were collected via observation through the method of so-called「life story interview」. SPSS is used to categorize the differences between groups of elder adults on their background, interests, capability, and uses of computers and the Internet.
The results indicated that from the 32 volunteers, averaged at an age of 77, half of the healthy elder adults have high interests in adapting the new media. Without high technology, however, current participants are satisfied with their daily routines in the neighbored society.
Keywords: news, narrative, gerontology, new media, self-image, socialcybernetics
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